Benefits of using iphone over android phones

Benefits of using iphone over android phones

The popularity of android phones has been increasing since their inception. It is a free operating system and is open source which is why it has the maximum number of users. iPhone was developed by Apple and it is also a free operating system. It is also open source but is not free as it has a price. Apple has become the most popular company in the world with the maximum number of users. It is a better phone than android phones and here is why we say so;

Benefits of using iphone over android phones

Consistency and Usability

Users of the iPhone feel very comfortable using it because of its straightforward interface and the popularity of the similar-looking iPod touches. Applications on Android are simple to configure wrong, which frequently results in the app not functioning as intended.

The iPhone guarantees that all applications and features operate exactly as Apple intended, making for a relatively straightforward user experience. This is frequently cited by users as one of the best aspects of the iPhone.

Every iPhone operates similarly, however, every Android operates differently. Depending on your phone carrier and the launcher you choose to add on your own, there are even several launchers for Android. This gives users less predictability even while it gives them greater freedom and options.

Additionally, using the iPhone for search makes things much simpler. Searching is available by moving to the left of the homepage. It is not possible to enable app search on Android through the phone’s settings or the Google Settings app. You must pick settings in the Google app.

Simply put, this is convoluted and confounding. Many customers are perplexed as to why the Google Settings app differs from the settings page of the Google app. In conclusion, Android is capable of more, but an iPhone makes things so much simpler!

The Apple Store and a variety of accessories.

The Samsung S4 has interchangeable backs and batteries in addition to built-in inductive charging alternatives, but the iPhone still has a wider selection of accessories.

However, only iOS supports all of these wonderful add-ons. The iPhone offers a wide range of accessories, including gramophone horns, attachable camera lenses, and everything in between.

Additionally, there is the Apple Store, which is a favorite among iPhone users worldwide. With the Apple Store readily available, solving any iPhone issue is straightforward. The quantity and caliber of apps available for the iPhone are other fantastic features.

The majority of businesses have given iOS apps top attention as a result of the iPhone’s popularity. The production time for these apps is usually substantially more, and as a result, they are usually of higher quality than apps for other devices.

Accessibility and Configuration

Many users need specialized accessibility features, which the iPhone provides. There are lots of people who use low vision, as well as people who utilize less precise motor skills. These individuals frequently adore the iPhone’s extensive array of accessibility features.

For those iPhone owners who enjoy reading at night, the ability to lower the screen light is particularly helpful. Unlike Android settings, which do not permit the screen to be dimmed down as much as is required.

Support for Microsoft Office 365

Office for the iPhone and Office for Windows Phone are functionally equivalent. Although it’s not currently possible, many Android users would love to be able to utilize Microsoft Office 365 on their devices.

Users of the iPhone and iOS who have an active Office 365 subscription can access the official app, which includes all of Microsoft’s Office applications. Users can access, view, and edit files that have been stored in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint because the iPhone can handle Microsoft Office 365.

Fewer Unneeded Features

Of course, there are many useless features on the iPhone, like the Newsstand icon that you can’t relocate to another folder. The absurd number of features on the Android phone that cannot be erased, however, cannot be compared.

Not just the Google Play applications, but also every feature that Verizon and Samsung implemented. While Apple has been able to prevent carrier ads from appearing on the iPhone, Android is constantly bombarded with ads and upsells. Take into account “Caller Name ID,” which is simply caller ID but costs an additional $5 for names!

Lower Security Breach Rates

Users of Android have a lot more flexibility than those iPhone users, but that freedom comes at a price. Millions of Android phones have been known to be compromised by malicious content, which also stole sensitive data from their users. Following a viral attack on their phone, many consumers also discovered significant charges on their bills.


Despite its many drawbacks, the iPhone is believed to be significantly safer than Android phones and to have fewer security flaws. Make sure to give your phone a complete deep cleaning, regardless of the phone you now own or plan to buy.