Foods Will Help Prevent Hair Loss

These 9 Foods Will Help Prevent Hair Loss

Most of us have always been worried about our hair falling out. It’s not just the women who worry, but also the men. Hair loss affects men as well as women. Hair loss is due to various reasons. It can be hereditary or it can be due to some other reasons. Either way, there are foods that can help in preventing hair loss and we’ve listed 9 of them for you below.

These 9 Foods Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Foods Will Help Prevent Hair Loss

Carrots: In addition to being great for your eyes, carrots are also fantastic for your hair. They contain a lot of vitamin A, a natural conditioner that keeps your hair from falling out. Sweet potatoes are another excellent source of vitamin A.

Spinach:  A fantastic vegetarian food for hair development is spinach. The nutrients iron, vitamins A and C, and protein are all abundant in spinach. The primary factor for hair loss is an iron deficiency, and spinach is not only an excellent source of iron but also of sebum, which naturally conditions hair. We also get omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron from it. These aid in preserving glossy hair and a healthy scalp.

Walnuts: To reduce hair loss, increase your intake of walnuts. It is the only known nut to contain biotin, B vitamins (B1, B6, and B9), Vitamin E, a lot of protein, and magnesium, all of which build hair cuticles and nourish the scalp.

Guava: Guavas have more vitamin C than oranges, which helps to keep your hair from breaking and becoming brittle. Vitamins B and C are also present in the leaves, much like the fruit, and they aid to increase the activity of the collagen necessary for hair development.

Lentils: Protein, iron, zinc, and biotin are all abundant in lentils and are vital elements for healthy hair. In addition, lentils contain folic acid, which is essential for restoring the health of red blood cells, which in turn provide your skin and scalp the oxygen they require to strengthen and prevent the breakage of your hair.

Barley: Vitamin E, which is abundant in barley, aids in the treatment of hair thinning. Additionally, iron and copper, which support the synthesis of red blood cells and strengthen your hair follicles, are abundant in barley.

Flaxseeds: Omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in flaxseeds, easily penetrate the cell membranes of your scalp and the hair shaft to nourish the follicles. They also provide your hair flexibility, preventing breaking. Due to the fact that your body is unable to create these necessary fatty acids, you must get them from your diet, and flaxseeds are a fantastic, healthy choice.

Dairy products and eggs:  Dairy and egg products are excellent for thickening and growing hair. Essential nutrients like proteins, Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and Omega 6 fatty acids are abundant in milk, yogurt, and eggs. Additionally, dairy products are a fantastic source of biotin, a vitamin B7 recognized for battling hair loss.

Chicken: Since protein makes up your hair, consuming a diet consisting of high-quality, naturally occurring protein can be quite beneficial. For vegetarians, tofu and peanuts can be used to support healthy hair.


A poor diet is the most prevalent cause of hair loss, even while environmental causes like sun exposure, pollution, and frequent use of chemical treatments can harm your hair. Make sure to include these nutrients in your diet on a regular basis. These meals can help you grow your hair longer and thicker while reducing hair loss.